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Yoga Poses

Yoga is a great way to practice self care as a mom or with your family.

Before we begin, I want to remind everyone that before beginning any exercise program or making any health changes, please consult with your health care provider. As always, please be mindful and listen to your body.

Let’s Begin!

Yoga means “Union”. The union of your mind, body, and soul. Hatha yoga is a moving meditation, a practice of different poses, or asanas. Listening to your body and moving with your breath as you flow through poses, or as you hold and find strength in a single pose. It is a wonderful way to ready your mind and body for a sitting meditation practice and for the rest of your day. 

You may have heard the phrase “off the mat”, which usually is said to mean, taking the practice of mindfulness during your yoga and meditation practice, “off the yoga mat” and into your life. Using what you have practiced, to find presence and space in your life experience.

Here are some yoga poses, or asanas, to get you started. 


Mountain Pose - Soul Care Mom Yoga

Mountain Pose

Explore this strong and powerful pose.

Tree Pose - Soul Care Mom Yoga

Tree Pose

Practice this pose to practice inner and outer balance.

Tabletop Pose - Soul Care Mom Yoga

Tabletop Pose

Explore this fundamental yoga pose.

Downward Dog - Soul Care Mom Yoga

Downward Dog Pose

Explore this beautiful yoga pose to help you stretch and flow in your yoga practice.

Puppy Pose - Soul Care Mom Yoga

Puppy Pose

Try this variation of downward dog pose.

Hi Im Catherine - Soul Care Mom
Catherine Wilde - Soul Care Mom

I believe you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom, when you first care for yourself. 

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