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25 Fun Self Care Activities for Kids

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[Discover 25 Fun Self Care Activities for Kids to Help You Bring More Self Care Into Your Life as a Family & Raise Happy Kids!]

Until I became a mom I didn’t realize the importance of self care in my life. Taking moments to care for myself throughout the day has helped me to handle the challenges of motherhood and be a happy mom.

Teaching your child to take care of themselves from a young age is one of the best gifts you can give to them as a parent. Imagine knowing the power of self care and how to bring it into your life from an early age.

Life will of course still bring your child challenges, but knowing how to take care of and love themselves will help them take on those challenges with grace and love.


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Kids Learn From Our Self Care Habits

Our kids are learning from us every day. Practicing self care in your own life will set a beautiful example for them to follow. It will help them to see self care as a natural part of life and help them to see how they too can bring more self care and love into their day.

Self care can be done anywhere.

Using imaginative play when you are stuck indoors is a great way to have fun and create lasting memories with your kids.

One of our favorite ways to use our imagination is by playing yoga. We move through yoga poses while going on an adventure together. My two year old’s favorite yoga pose is downward facing dog.

Kids Spell Love T.I.M.E

Practicing self care activities for kids with mindfulness is a wonderful example to set for our kids. Being fully present with them in the moment will help them to feel seen, heard, and loved.

Putting away Technology

Technology can be an incredible way to connect with the rest of the world. But using technology can also easy way to zone out and disconnect. It is the opposite of finding mindfulness and presence. Remember to put your phone and other devices away when taking time to be present and playful with your kids.

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary. - Mandy Hale

Self Care Activities for Kids

Intentionally choosing self care activities to do with your kids can help them to lean into self care as well as create lasting memories!

Here are some self care activities for kids for you and your children to enjoy:

  1. Play & Practice Yoga
  2. Create a Family Scrap Book 
  3. Listen to a Guided Meditation for Kids
  4. Make a Family Vision Board
  5. Paint Kindness Rocks
  6. Make Friendship Bracelets
  7. Put on Some Music and Have a Dance Party
  8. Set up a Scavenger Hunt
  9. Go for a Hike as a Family
  10. Fly a Kite
  11. Paint and Display Your Art
  12. Keep a Gratitude Journal
  13. Plant a Garden
  14. Go on a Bug Hunt
  15. Start a Nature Journal
  16. Campout in the Backyard
  17. Play Charades
  18. Get Cozy & Read a Book
  19. Go for a Family Bike Ride
  20. Have a Picnic
  21. Make Tea & Have a Tea Party
  22. Cook a Meal Together
  23. Snuggle with Your Pets
  24. Bake and Enjoy a Treat
  25. Create a Gratitude Jar

Start With One Self Care Activity

Choose one self care activity that speaks to you and be fully present as you do it with your kids.

Bringing mindfulness to your self care activities with your children will help you to create beautiful memories with your kids and teach them how to bring care for themselves and bring presence and mindfulness into everything they do.

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