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How the Sacred Pause can help you to Be a Present & Relaxed Mom in Just Minutes

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[Learn how practicing the sacred pause can help you to be mindful, so you can be a present and relaxed mom in just minutes!]

It’s not always easy to be a present & relaxed mom.

Motherhood can often feel like a juggling act.

The other day, all three of my kids seemed to need something from me at the same time, the dog was excitedly barking at the top of her lungs, and the cat was looping her way back and forth between my legs.

I could feel a swirling sensation in my chest as my anxiety started to rise.

In the past, I would not have even taken note of this sensation. I would have pushed through and told myself “everything is fine”.

I would have powered through and just tried to get to the end of the day/hour/moment.

I would have ended up feeling frustrated and creating a wall instead of being present and finding connection with my loved ones.

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The One Tool That Every Mom Needs

But this time was different. This time I was able to:

  • acknowledge how I was feeling
  • breathe
  • and give myself the love and grace that I needed in that moment

Almost immediately I felt a shift occur. I felt the muscles in my body relax as a wave of calm washed over me. The sensation in my chest began to lessen.

The Power of the Sacred Pause in Motherhood

Much of the reason for this shift was due to practicing pausing with mindfulness.

Creating a pausing ritual as a mom has helped me to become more in touch with my feelings and needs. It has helped me to tune into the wisdom of my heart and have more love, compassion, for myself and my children.

What is Sacred Pause?

Sacred pause or mindful pause is when you take a moment (or longer) to tune into yourself. It is when you allow yourself the space to take deep, slow, calming breaths.

Pausing with mindfulness means pausing with the genuine intention of listening to the messages of your heart and allowing yourself to be fully open to what you need in the moment.

There are many ways you can practice pausing with mindfulness.

How to Incorporate Pausing Into Mom Life

One of the best ways to be able to actually remember to pause in the most challenging of times is to practice pausing in the easier moments. Times when you are still relatively calm and rational.

This practice will help you to more easily bring this practice into the more chaotic moments in your day.

Another great way to practice pausing is to associate it with something you already do.

For example, every time you take a sip of water, go to the bathroom, or bend down to pick up your child, practice taking a few deep breaths and check-in with how you are feeling.

Choose a Word or Phrase to Anchor You in the Moment

Anchoring yourself with a word or phrase can be a helpful way to bring your attention back to the present moment when you find your mind wandering.

Some examples of words or phrases you could use are:

“I am here.”

“I am safe.”

“I am loved.”

Experiment and see what feels right for you in the moment.

Find a Quiet Place to Pause

When you can, take a few moments to yourself in a quiet place to pause and breathe. Even if it’s just for a minute or two, this can make a big difference in how you are feeling.

If you have trouble finding a quiet place in your home, consider going for a walk outside or sitting in your car for a few minutes.

Breathe with Your Kids

Inviting your kids to pause and breathe with you can help them to learn to calm themselves when they are having big emotions. One of our favorite ways to pause and breathe is using the hand breathing technique.

Another breathing practice you can do with is your kids is to have your child place one hand on their chest and the other on their belly. As they breathe in, they can feel their chest rise. As they breathe out, they can feel their belly fall.

After a few rounds of breathing like this, have them notice how they are feeling.

Ask them if they feel calmer, more relaxed, etc.

More Self Care Ritual Inspiration

You can also create new rituals to bring more moments of pause, reflection, and calm into your day. Here are some ideas for you:

You can also create new rituals to bring more moments of pause, reflection, and calm into your day. Here are some ideas for you:

You can also create new rituals to bring more moments of pause, reflection, and calm into your day. Here are some ideas for you:

You can also create new rituals to bring more moments of pause, reflection, and calm into your day. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and breathe
  • Wear a touchstone – like a special bracelet or necklace that you can touch anytime you start to feel anxious
  • Create a roll-on bottle of your favorite calming essential oil to keep with you during the day, so you can take a deep relaxing breath anytime.
  • Light a candle and watch the flame flicker and dance as you breathe
  • Step outside feel the fresh air on your skin, gaze at the sky or the plants around you and breathe
  • Put some calming or uplifting music on to help shift of stress and into a calm state
  • Use a mantra to help you find your calm again 
  • Take 5 slow deep breaths and feel the muscles in your body relax
  • Create a gratitude practice – Find things each day to be thankful for
  • Smile – instantly lift your mood by lighting your face with a smile
  • Journal – let your thoughts and worries spill out onto paper each morning or evening
  • Create a simple self care morning routine – so you can stay calm with your kids all day!

Check out this video for a step by step plan to create a morning routine you love!

Ultimately taking the time to pause and connect with yourself is so important for moms. It can help you to feel calmer, more centered, and more connected to your kids.

Be creative! Find one or more rituals that work for you and practice them several times throughout the day.

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