No Time for Self Care? 7 Simple Ways to Make Time for Self Care as a Busy Mom

[No time for self care, Mama? Find simple ways to make more time for self care in your busy days as a mom, so you can bring out the peaceful, playful, and present mama in you.]

Moms don’t typically have much spare time in the day for self care.

Once all the chores are done everyone has been transported to and from school and sports activities, dinner is made, homework is done, and the kids are tucked into bed….there is little or no time left for you.

No time for self care?

You probably already know the importance self care has on your enjoyment of motherhood and life. But did you know that self care doesn’t necessarily mean spending a day at the spa or hours at the gym?

Self care is actually more subtle. Self care can definitely happen at the spa, but that isn’t always realistic.

True self care can actually happen in any moment.

It can happen while you are doing the dishes. It can happen in between activities with your kids.Self care is really just that. Acknowledging what you need moment to moment and taking care of yourself.I find that just the act of asking myself what I need feels dignifying and empowering.

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We give, give, & give until…

As moms we lovingly give, give, give of ourselves to our families. But if we are to continue to give of ourselves we need to replenish our own tanks. When we give of ourselves without self care we end up worn out and find ourselves constantly running on empty.

Moment to Moment Self Care

Many of the things we need can be done right in the moment. Often just taking a few deep breaths, drinking a glass of water, or just lovingly acknowledging yourself are forms of self care.One way to integrate self care into your day, before you even get out of bed, is to create a simple self care morning ritual. Here’s my personal self care morning ritual. Follow these 5 simple steps before your feet hit the floor to start your morning calm, refreshed, and energized.

But what about self care that takes more time?

Sometimes you will find that you need more time to yourself to practice self care and self love. This can be challenging as a mom. Here are some ways you can create more space in your day for self care:

1. Ask for Help

It takes a Village. Motherhood is a 24/7 job. And although moms are superheroes we all need breaks from time to time. Asking for help from trusted relatives and friends is a wonderful way to create more space for you in your day.

Whether it is help watching the kids, doing chores around the house, or running errands for your family, asking for help where you need it is a great way to make more time for you in your day.

2. Take Advantage of the Quiet Morning Hours

Those peaceful times at the beginning of the day, when the house feels a little more still and you can complete a whole thought, is a great time to focus on and take care of you. Even if you only get up 10 minutes earlier you can use those precious minutes to bring more self care and love into your day.

Using a self care morning ritual or creating a deeper self care routine in the mornings is a fantastic way to begin your day.

3. Refine Your Evening Routines

If you find that getting all the things done in the evening is overwhelming and chaotic take some time to see how you can make your evenings flow more smoothly. Maybe you can start your kids’ bedtime routines earlier And ask your kids to help with the cleanup process after dinner. See where you can make changes in your routine.Find pockets of wiggle room and adjust your schedule accordingly.Once the kids are in bed. Make sure to prioritize some time just for you at the end of your day. Create your own nighttime self care routine, so you can feel loved and nourished before you go to bed. Creating a self care evening routine to help create a beautiful practice to end your day on a peaceful note.

4. Make Use of Naptime

We often feel compelled to get all the chores done whenever we have a free moment. But, what if we took some time to first care for our needs?When we start by caring for ourselves we can often approach the tasks of the day with more joy. You may even find that the tasks get accomplished more quickly as well as feel more enjoyable.If you have older children that no longer nap, use this time as a “quiet time” where they can play with special basket of “quiet time” toys so you can have some time for yourself in the middle of the day.So, at naptime or anytime you have during the day, first check and see what you need. Give yourself permission to nourish yourself before doing the duties of daily mom life.

5. Finding Balance As a Work at Home Mom

If you are a mom that works from home it may feel even more challenging to find time for your self care. Remembering that your self care is the key to enjoying all aspects of life. So be sure to you to put your self care at the top of your to-do list.Here are some more ideas to help you find balance as a momprenuer and bring more self care into your days.

6. Check-in Often

Take moments throughout the day to check in with yourself and see what you need. There may be something you can do in the moment to care for your needs, such as acknowledging your feelings and taking some deep breaths. Other times you can note what it is is you need so that when you do have more time you are able to give yourself exactly what you need to fill your tank and feel happy and energized as a mom.

7. Make Yourself A Priority

Remember that your self care helps you to fill your tank and be the mom you long to be. Taking time for self care daily will help you be a happier more energized and playful mom. That is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. 

Make time for you every day, Mama! 

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