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4 Steps to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You

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[Do you feel pressure to be everything to everyone? Discover how to awaken the divine feminine, the sacred feminine energy within you so you can find more ease in mom life.]

I used to have these recurring thoughts that said things like:

💜 If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

💜 I have to do everything around here.

💜 No one else will do it right, I might as well do it myself.

Have any of these ever crossed your mind, Mama?

It was only when I stopped trying to be supermom and began to tap into my feminine side I was able to get the important things done, find more ease, and truly enjoy mom life.

If you are feeling burned out and depleted, trying to power through your days and be everything to everyone, this episode is for you. In this episode of the Soul Care Mom Podcast, I chat with Anna-Thea, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator and author. All about how you can stop living in survival mode and start leaning into your divine feminine.

The sacred energy that is the truth of who you are.

I love the tips and exercises she shares to help us move from our minds and into our hearts and bodies. So we can start tuning into our innate wisdom and open our hearts to more love, joy, and peace.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and burned out and are ready to find more ease, you are absolutely going to love this conversation.

Let’s dive in.

[Disclaimer: we are not health professionals. This chat is solely based on research and personal experience. If you have any concerns please seek out the help of your trusted health professionals.]

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Hi there, Soulful Mama. Welcome to the Soul Care Mom Podcast.

I’m Catherine Wilde of

I’m a mom of three amazing kids, a Soul Care Mom Coach and, a yoga and meditation teacher. I’ve helped hundreds of women. And I’m here to help you feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom if you’re ready to stop living in survival mode and you’re ready to drop the mom guilt and overwhelm. This podcast is for you. Think of this is a lunch date with a girlfriend. Grab a cup of tea and get cozy. It’s time to get honest and vulnerable and shift the traditional mindset around motherhood.

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Let’s get started.

Catherine Wilde
Hi, Anna-Thea. So much for taking the time to chat with me today.

Oh, yes, I was looking forward to it.

Catherine Wilde
Yes, I’m so excited to talk with you. So we’re talking all about the divine feminine. And I also want to talk a bit about your book. I’m reading your book right now, Empower Yourself By Loving Your Body. But I would like to start with just how did you get into studying the divine feminine and a little bit about your journey?

Oh, my goodness.

So what part of my story should I actually tell you? Where do I begin? I don’t know if I’m answering this question correctly, but how did I get into this work?

Pain, pure, unadulterated pain, emotional pain. You know.? And so that led me to because of my thirty-nine, my husband passed away. I was married to him for 11 years. Then I got involved with a man that was addicted to pornography and then I got married again and that was a whole fiasco with him.

And then I was with another man. I mean, this journey, I’m a queen of hearts. And so this journey of love, I always wanted the perfect love and it always evaded me until I really realized the perfect love is inside yourself. It was really the journey of that. But after I was with the man that was addicted to pornography, which is very common in American households or across the planet, a lot of people don’t talk about it.

A lot of women suffer around it. It really affected me. So at the end of that journey and he ended up later taking his life. So he committed suicide. So he really, really struggled with that addiction. But at the end of that relationship, I really grew a lot and learned a lot about codependency during that relationship. I said, you know, I need to really look at my sexuality. I need to look at my own personal addictions.

I need to look at my relationship to relationship. And my relationship to my body. And so I took a two-year journey with the Divine Feminine Institute, which transformed my life. And that was back from 2005 to 2007.

But I’d already been doing a lot of inner work after my husband’s death, and I was a yogini and I taught yoga. And so those teachings that I learned during that certification program are teachings that I’ve been teaching ever since.

So, yeah, I hope I answered the question.

Catherine Wilde
Yes, that was lovely. So in your book and I’m sure in your courses and things, you talk about feminine and masculine and how we all have both of those in us and that we live in this masculine, driven, and oriented society. And so as women, we have adapted to this. But in order to really shine and flourish as women, we have to kind of come back to ourselves.

So could we start with what you mean when you say masculine and feminine energy?

And what exactly is the divine feminine or sacred feminine energy?

What is Divine Feminine?

Sure. So, you know, like we have all of us have masculine and feminine energies in us. And I’m one of my top performing blog articles is about masculine and feminine energy. And the thing is, is that we have positive and negative expressions of the masculine and positive and negative expressions of the feminine.

So it’s really everyone’s personal journey of balancing out their masculine and feminine energies to find wholeness within themselves. So, for example, masculine energy is is the focused, energy is the driven energy is the make it happen energy, which we all need.

It’s the assertiveness. It’s it’s speaking up for yourself. It’s in we can have the positive aspects of that or the negative. So the negative aspects of that is overcontrolling the negative aspects of that is being pushy or violent. Right. So but the positive aspects can move us forward, the positive aspects.

And then then feminine energy is the receptive, the sensual, the healing, the beauty, the nurturing, the loving, the caring. And if you have too much of that energy, you’re going to get stomped on.

You’re going to get taken advantage of so that the downside of that is the martyr. The victim energy, the giving too much, losing yourself in relationship.

The other aspect of it can be manipulating. You’re using your sexuality for security, you know?

And these are just a few examples of different aspects of the masculine and the feminine within us.

And where can we heal then and express both of these energies in a very positive way?

What I get a lot from women is “I know I’m disconnected from my feminine. But then if I try to be feminine, I’m afraid that I’m going to be too vulnerable.”

And so this and I remember that in my own personal development, like, how do how can I be vulnerable but still be strong?

And so finding strength in your vulnerability is really a journey of connecting to the inner strength of your own, knowing so that you can speak up for yourself without slamming somebody else. That you can say no and not feel guilty not do the people pleasing kind of thing.

So in that journey, as you strengthen your divine feminine, then so that answers the question of what is the divine feminine? The divine feminine is actually this fierce part of us that’s very it’s really the power of the heart inside of our bodies.

So it’s a woman and it could be a man that’s connected to their divine feminine or their awakened masculine that is able to assert themselves, but with love. So using really the power of love.

And what does that include? That includes honoring your emotions instead of repressing them, loving your body, instead of thinking there’s something wrong with your body honoring your sexuality, instead of thinking there’s something wrong with your sexuality. Or using your sexuality for material gain.

So these are all the different things around masculine and feminine energy. I mean, just the tip of the iceberg. And reclaiming the sacredness of your body and who you are as a woman. So that you step forward in your strength, but the power of the heart as opposed to the power of the mind.

Well, that’s a whole other subject, too. We live in a very mind-driven world, analytical if it is if you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist.

The divine feminine is that part of us that’s unseen. It’s not something you see. It’s something you feel because it resides in mostly it’s home is the female body. The divine feminine essence resides in the female body. But so many of us just live up in our head.

Catherine Wilde
Yes, I find myself in my head a lot. But so that’s a good balance of of living in our physical bodies is finding the balance between our heart and our mind. To try to be able to find.


Catherine Wilde
Yeah. So especially as women, I feel like we have so much mind chatter in these to-do lists in our inner critic, in all these stories in our heads. And I love that you talk about the power of your breath and that helps you to drop into your heart and into your body.

So can we talk a bit about that and how we can use our breath to get into our bodies?

Sure. It’s so funny that you say that because what’s coming up in my mind is my own personal story with one of the fellows that I was with. The guy that ended up taking his life later. He said, “You can’t do enough exercise to calm your mind.”

And, you know, this is years ago when I was probably your age or even younger. And so this mind chatter, this just this mind chatter that we have is insanity. It’s self-torture, and it’s not heart-opening.

A neutral mind is an open heart. And women, it’s literally our brains are different than the male brain. So there’s something that happens where we have both hemispheres are connected to each other. And so the male brain looks at things like this and then has to go over here and look at things over here and that.

And I don’t know the exact science of that, if that’s is that if that’s evolving or changing. But we see this in interactions. And so the woman can literally see or the female brain can literally see more of the whole picture, whereas the focused brain is more like this.

And so when we see this whole picture, our mind just becomes very busy. So we see potentialities that possibly may never happen.

Like we get into fear, like, “Oh, my God, what if this happens? Or my children, what if that happens?” We can see all of these different scenarios. And so that’s why it’s really important for the breath movement and sound. And that’s what I talk about in my book, too.

Having some type of practice that allows you to calm your mind and be in your body. So masculine is logical, feminine is is sensual or intuitive, right?

The masculine is doing making things happen, the feminine is being.

And the breath movement and sound will allow you to slow down those tracks of mind and be in your body. But you have to cultivate practices that allow you to do that.

And so another thing that I talk about is the difference between masculine forms of exercise and feminine forms of exercise. And I don’t mean football as compared to ballet. What I mean is doing forms of exercise that will allow you to experience the beauty and the peace of being in your body.

So, for example, any type of exercise can be either masculine or feminine. So jogging, for example, if you go and you jog and you’re counting your calories and you’re counting how many miles you do and you’re thinking about “Is my belly in? Or what does my body look like as I’m jogging, who’s looking at me while I’m on the road?”

This is all a very focused, analytical, masculine form of exercise. But if you’re jogging and you’re literally being in your breath, you’re feeling the soles of your feet on the earth and you’re moving with that beauty in that presence of being in your body, then it could be a more feminine form of exercise.

What I have found yoga can be a masculine form or a feminine form. So if you go to and you do yoga and you’re worried if you’re belly sticking out or you’re having to do it the form perfectly, instead of just being in your body and experiencing the beauty of that movement.

That non-physical energy, moving through your body and the release of tension. That’s more of a feminine form of exercise.

And so I say, you know, cultivate feminine forms of exercise, if you want to get out of the busyness of your mind and learn how to be in your body.

There are all kinds of ways that you can do that.

Catherine Wilde
Yes, I love that. And I, I definitely understand. Even in a yoga class, there’s somewhere you feel like I need to follow exactly what they’re saying instead of listening to what feels good for you.

There’s a difference there. Yeah, that’s amazing.

So as moms, women, and mothers we put so much on our shoulders, so much pressure on ourselves to be superwomen and super moms.

And I grew up with a very strong mother and she was a single mom. She was an entrepreneur. She wore so many hats. And I’m so grateful for all that she did for me. And I learned a lot from her.

Catherine Wilde
But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I began to understand how much I was pushing against life by living that way, by kind of powering through and resisting who I am, you know? And so I was just trying to be all things to all the people and feeling depleted.

And it was really exhausting. An exhausting way to live. And I’m still in my journey of stepping into my divine feminine in that sacred feminine energy.

And I know I’m not alone on this journey. This coming home to myself.

Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Divine Feminine

Catherine Wilde
So if there is a mom listening right now who is open to this idea and she’s feeling burned out and she’s trying to do all the things, where can she start?

What would be a good stepping in for her to get out of that survival mode and just soften and come back to herself?

Oh, my gosh. Where did it where could she start? It depends on the woman and where she’s at.

But, you know, I guess the words are slow down.

Start noticing when your body is tensing up. Because when your body is tensing up and you’re in a hurry. The energy’s changing. I mean, we’ve gone through huge global change and it’s been going on. We are evolving as a species.

It used to work for us to be very much in the physical, but we are being more and more called to learn how to be in that divine presence.

And when you are, then actually what you’re doing is you’re changing the energy field around your body so that things can come into you. So if you’re constantly in a state of stress, if you’re constantly worried, all these lower frequency energies, you’re literally pushing good opportunities away from you.

So I think the first step is to notice.

To notice when your body is in a contractive mode.

To notice when you are using a tone that is not opening another person’s heart.

You need to notice when you’re saying things to yourself that are self-deprecating.

So I think that’s the first step is to notice. And that’s actually one of my and I think I put it in the book, notice name, nurture, need. Have you read about that?

Catherine Wilde
The 4 N’s. Yes.

Yes, exactly. So that’s the first step of the 4 N’s is really to notice.

To become aware of these dysfunctional, disempowering behaviors and to not beat yourself up about it, you know?

Divine Feminine - Sacred Feminine - Soul Care Mom 1920x1080

Emotions are Guiding You to Your Divine Feminine

Catherine Wilde
Yes. So one thing that I love about the 4 N’s that you teach is what I teach, as well. Developing this relationship with your feelings, your emotions, because they’re sending you a message that something is out of balance and nurturing yourself through that.

So and when we do start to connect with ourselves, there are going to be some uncomfortable emotions. And that can be hard for people because a lot of times we find ways to avoid these things. And so I would love it if we could go through what to do when these uncomfortable feelings come up and what they might mean for us.

OK, great.

So and let me tell you, and I’m just like I’m much older and I’ve been through so much when I was your age and when I was a cycling woman. I’m in menopause now.

Emotions are something to be reckoned with, let me tell you. So in my younger years, I was so emotional.

So I literally had to learn how to master my emotions. Because they would bring me down.

And I would just sabotage my whole life through my emotions and I would go through these cycles of craziness in my own world, in my own mind, through having an emotional storm.

So I had to learn how to sit in my own emotional storm. And that’s when I developed the four N’s. Notice, Name, Nurture, and Need.

And the bottom line with emotions and what our emotions are is energy in emotion. Emotions are the divine feminine. Emotions are your guiding light to let you know, like you said, that there’s something that you need to look at.

But what do we do? We get over it, just push it down, repress it and get on with life.

Catherine Wilde

But what happens then as we start creating body armor.

With that, all the stuffed emotions, one thing after another.

And then we disconnect from pleasure because the female body was designed for pleasure. But if she needs to act like in her masculine and repress and armor herself up, then she’s actually disconnected from her sensuality.

And so your emotions will get you connected to your sensuality, but it takes courage.

So there’s a couple of things.

When you find your mind racing and all that chatter, often it’s because it’s kind of like a reaction.

I guess it’s a survival reaction to keep you from feeling your feelings. So when you have mind chatter, know that there’s probably a feeling that you’re not feeling.

And you need to get out of your mind and feel what’s going in your heart.

When you start having the courage to feel your uncomfortable feelings. That’s the journey of reclaiming your body, your divine feminine essence. Your female, your femininity, and your female wisdom. And owning your body as a sacred temple.

And the 4 N’s will get you there. This is how I’ve dealt with my own personal, addictive, obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

And like you said, will bring you back home. So do you want me to actually go through those four steps?

Yes, I think that’s something we can use. All I know I could use that reminder and what to do because it does feel scary and it feels messy when you’re in the middle of that big emotion.

But from having sat with it myself. I know that on the other side of it, it’s really beautiful. It’s like that rainbow after the storm.

Yeah, Totally. And the other thing is there’s the concept of the mind. Chatter means there’s an unpaid and there’s an uncomfortable feeling in your body that you’re just not feeling.

So know that when you have mind chatter there’s a feeling you’re not feeling. And also when you do have an uncomfortable feeling that it always comes down to that you just have an unmet need that you need to uncover.

And then that will bring you back home so that the 4 N’s. The other thing I want to say about this, that these uncomfortable feelings are that it is scary.

But once you start getting used to it, what you’re going to start doing is becoming aware of what Eckhart Tolle talks about, the pain body.

And so then you start feeling and I have for many years, it used to be down in my belly. I’ll still get that sometimes in my heart. But consistently I have something in the back of my throat and I’ve worked it very much and I befriended it.

And a lot of women have this. A lot of women have thyroid issues. A lot of women have the people-pleasing, chronic people-pleasing issue, not speaking up for themselves.

To see where these uncomfortable feelings are in your body. I’ll go through those four ends quickly but just wanted to preface this before we start with that.

But what I feel these are is just karma inside of our bodies. And so the beauty of taking time to be with these uncomfortable feelings, what I feel is a very mystical, magical soul level is you’re literally lifting off the dark, heavy energy of our past history. And our mother’s history and our grandmother’s history and our great-grandmother’s.

The lineage that we come through of feeling like we’re not good enough.

And so that’s the beauty of actually being with these uncomfortable feelings, is you’re literally healing generations before you, generations beyond you. Your children, your grandchildren going forward, because they say you heal nine generations back in, nine generations forward.

So this is very magical. It doesn’t seem like a magical process at the time, but I just like to promote it as such because it’s such a powerful thing to shed all of those limiting belief systems that tell you “I’m not good enough.”

And then bring you back to the core of who you are, which is your divine power. So the foreign process and so I just want to take a moment like this. That’s why this is so important. Yeah.

So we feel like we don’t have time for sitting with ourselves, like just the ripple effect that it has on your children and their children. And that’s motivation enough for most moms. Right? We want the best for our kids. So important to take that time for yourself?

Yeah, because the best parent that you can be is not to tell them, but to literally be it. Role model it. Role model, a mother that takes care of herself.

You know, I say that I don’t know if this is a good thing to say, but I think how many unavailable men there are or how many checked-out husbands there are. Look at how the mothers treated them. And how the mothers did too many things for them. And so the mothers have this hard balance on how to really nurture and give, but also not enable.

So it’s really hard to be a mother, super hard to be a mother, but that’s you know, that woman is really in her power position to affect change in our evolutionary process.

And so she’s right at the front lines of making the changes and the evolutionary changes that she’s raising her children.

What Role Do Boundaries Play When it Comes to Divine Feminine?

Catherine Wilde
In your book
, you talk about boundaries and you have such beautiful images in there that help kind of help you picture it because boundaries are a really hard thing and it’s always a balance.

You’re always figuring it out. I really appreciated how you explained it and the images in there, too.

yeah, because that’s what, and that’s that divine feminine energy really tuning into the energy dynamics.

And that’s why you have to it’s not about going into the other room and having time for yourself. It is in the beginning. It’s just like, wow, I have to connect to me and find out what is my truth.

Sometimes, especially if you’re an empath, you literally have to say, listen, “I have to go and have some space to myself. I need to really think about this and feel into it.”

And then when you remove yourself energetically, literally, I’ve had this experience. Where I remove myself energetically, just out of the room, where the tension is and I immediately get clarity.

Because I’m connecting to my inner source and then come back.

We give kids time-outs, do we give ourselves time?

And you have to do it in a way of like, “I need to go check in with myself.” And you need to let them know “I’m not leaving you. I’m going to be I’ll be back in ten minutes. I’m going to go put time on.”

So you give yourself a timeout.

Catherine Wilde
At our house, we call it Self Care Pauses or Sacred Pauses. If somebody is feeling upset or overwhelmed, they’ll just stop breathing, give hugs, get water, go to the bathroom, whatever you need.

Yeah, I love it. I love it.

4 Steps to Awaken Your Divine Feminine

All right. So I don’t want to keep on delaying the 4 N’s.

So the four N’s is notice, name, nurture, and need.

And this is a way to process your emotions. To understand what’s underneath your emotions instead of and you want to do this, you can 4 N somebody else or you can 4 N yourself. And if you’re in an emotional storm, what you want to do is step back and you want to do the foreign process.

And I actually have an online course. It’s my call it the how to feel good course that will teach you this process.

Step 1 – Notice

So the first step is to notice.

I’m going to use an example of overeating. OK, that’s just a real simple one. And a lot of women suffer from body image issues and emotional overeating, which I used to.

And I thought I’d never overcome that. And the image that comes to mind is I have actually one of my blogs. I have me hanging from the refrigerator and my roommate this is a few years back. She took a picture of me there. How many times you open the refrigerator, look to see if something’s in there or you get something and you take that second or third or fourth piece of pie or whatever it is, and just you’re off and running. And it’s not fun.

So anyway, you notice. You notice that you’re reaching for that second or third or fourth chocolate chip cookie or glass of wine or piece of pie or whatever. And this is just a food example. Could be different things that could be over shopping, over-eating, over-working, over-reacting, over-thinking, over-cleaning, whatever it is for you.

But you notice. “Oh, I’m going to the refrigerator and opening it up for a third or fourth time. Or I’m putting this in my mouth for a third or fourth time because I’m having an uncomfortable feeling.”

So right there, you’re shifting. Or you’re don’t you decide that you’re not going to do that. And you notice before you even start. Which is even harder, lots of times.

But nonetheless, you notice. And what you’re doing is you’re bringing in consciousness to an unconscious behavior.

Step 2 – Name It

And then you go to the second N which is to name it

“OK, if I’m having an uncomfortable feeling, what is it?”

And then now you’re not thinking about that pizza or that pie or that glass of wine, you’re actually bringing your attention to your body.

What is the feeling that I’m having?

I categorize them sad, mad, glad, fear, numb, and shame.

Six different feelings.

And that’s how I’ve categorized them. You’ve seen them categorized in various different ways. But what the mind needs to have a container.

So we need to have the masculine to feel in to the body, the feminine.

So that helps our mind say, OK, well, wait, what am I feeling?

Which one is it said is bad? Backlit fear, no shame. And so now we’re starting to feel into our body.

And where is it in my body?

Is it in my heart? Is it in my gut?

Is it in my throat? Is it in my head?

And what which feeling is it?

Because each of those feelings have different characteristics.

I remember the day when I was big into yoga, but I remember the day when I was in downward facing dog and I finally really got “Oh, this is what fear feels like in my body. Oh, this is what sadness feels like in my body.”

So really fine-tuning that awareness of this energy and these feelings that move through your body. And out of the six different feelings, there’s only one that’s a good one. The rest are uncomfortable feelings. So we have these uncomfortable feelings in our bodies. They’re like they’re feminine waves that come and go.

But they come like a tsunami, sometimes. Repress them. That’s our reaction. Or they come out sideways in what I call the 3 D’s.



And depression.

So we want to avoid that.

We want to be able to hold them in our love, in our consciousness.

Step 3 – Nurture

So that brings me to the third step notice, name, nurture. So once you’ve used your mind to kind of analyze which one it is and where it’s located in the body, then you can go to the third and which is to nurture it.

And that’s when you put your hands on your body. Or you can just put your hands there and just be there with yourself.

Close your eyes and go inward. Hold your belly, hold your heart.

And just be with that energy. And breathe into it. And nurture it.

And what I say is hold it like a baby.

You know, this is a screaming energy inside your body that just wants your undivided attention.

And so it’s like if the child is screaming, you’re not going to just push them out the door. You’re going to hold them in your loving, nurturing consciousness.

So think of that energy, that emotional energy, that pain body that you have and hold it like a baby.

And that’s probably to get there. Is this hard to do? But once you’re there, it’s profound and powerful. And you’re being with that energy and as I said, this energy is ancient energy, ancient energy that typically has behind it. I’m not good enough.

And it’s from not only you, but it’s also from your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother.

It’s from your lineage. It’s from our collective societal programing.

And so now that you can hold it in your unconditional love, in conscious awareness, then you can ask yourself. And this you can be there with that as long as you want, or it can go real quick.

Step 4 – Identify Your Need

And then you ask yourself the most empowering question that you can ask yourself or another is what do I need? What do I need? And so when you’ve gotten yourself to that point, it’s not I need that other person to be to stop being a jerk or I need to not eat pizza anymore. I’m so addicted to it or whatever it is.

It’s I need love. I need to know that I’m enough. These are core needs. So core needs are things like…

I need gentleness.

I need space.

I need time.

I need cleanliness.

I need understanding.

I need to be heard and understood.

And when you can get down to a core need and acknowledge within yourself or give it a voice to another, a core need always centers you. Always stabilizes emotions.

And then the next step would be beyond that is really embodying that need. And knowing that that need is something that you are worth.

You’re worthy of validating inside yourself and knowing that it’s OK for you to have that need.

And that’s how you communicate with others too. With yourself and with others is through that your core needs. Not through the stories in your head. You know, “you’re such a jerk. I can’t believe you did that.”

Or, you know, I can’t “He’s never going to pick up the socks in the middle of the room and he’s never going to help me with the dishes.”

I need cleanliness. I need or do you need cleanliness?

You know, I mean, so so you’re communicating from a much more heart-based place.

The 4 N’s has been a lifesaver for me. The 4 N’s has been a lifesaver for many, many women. And it’s a way to quickly understand how to get back to your power and center.

Catherine Wilde
I love that it getting clear on what your needs are helps you to clearly communicate to anybody else in your life, without the drama.

And I love Nurture is my favorite part of the four steps because I think it’s the ultimate course in mothering me. We joked when my first daughter was born, like, “where’s the manual?” And it’s really like right within us. It’s that inner work that we have to do.

It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.

Especially being a mom. It’s like a balancing act and healthy boundaries. And knowing what’s mine and what’s theirs. And what am I responsible for? And what am I not supposed to be responsible for?

What am I supposed to let go of? And what’s the tough love? And oh my God.

But the vibrational nourishment is all of that beautiful nurturing that you’re inherently just so readily give out to your children or to others. Vibrational nourishment is your giving that to yourself.

And so lots of times we reach out to people, places, and things to fill ourselves up, validation, food, shopping, whatever it is. And we’re sensual beings. Women are sensual beings. That’s why I label that vibrational nourishment because it’s sensual.

So I have all these different vibrational nourishment practices that I teach to have you take all that beautiful nurturing that you so readily give out to others. That could deplete you if you do it too much and it’s not in balance.

And then the vibrational nourishment practices are helping you to align with a positive way to fill yourself up. Instead of dysfunctional ways to fill yourself up with over-eating over-shopping, over-working, over-thinking, whatever it may be.

So you get this vibrational sense your awakening the divine feminine energy in you.

Catherine Wilde
That’s beautiful. I love that.

Catherine Wilde
Thank you so much for all of this wisdom.

I would love to hear, so you’ve been on this amazing journey and if you can go back in time and share anything with yourself, what would you share with her?

I love you. You are stepping into such this powerful journey. You are here to really spread love. And so you’re right in the middle of the foundational process of doing it within yourself.

So just I’m excited for your journey and you are on it. That’s what I tell her.

Just keep doing it. Keep loving you. Create that foundation and it’s all just going to blossom from there.

Catherine Wilde
Oh, I love that. I love this topic in this conversation so much. So thank you for sharing your journey and your wisdom with us today.

Thank you. And thank you for having me. And thank you for just letting me rattle off this stuff that’s near and dear to me for myself and other women.

Catherine Wilde
Can you share with us where we can find you online?

Yeah, go to I teach online courses. I have lots of blogs to read. I and I have different I do online courses and then I do life experiences online. But the best thing to do is overall, just come to my website, take my love quiz and then you’ll be connected to me.

And you can just see at the time that you watch this podcast what my offerings currently are and just jump in and take the journey with me, because I know you’ll have a lot of fun with that.

Catherine Wilde
Oh, beautiful. And we’ll link to your site in the show notes.

Is there anything else that you want to share before we sign off?


That I just think you’re what you’re doing is extremely powerful. We need more conscious moms because the mother role is not an easy role. And I think what you’re doing is you know.

Women need support. Women give so much support, but women need a lot of support.

And that’s what you’re giving mothers so that they can be in their power position and really affect positive change and undo the belief systems that keep us from being in our power.

So I’m really excited that there’s women that are out there that are doing what you are doing.

Catherine Wilde
Thank you. I feel the same about you.

I think it’s just going to magnify as we move forward. We need more of this feminine, nurturing power, energy to come and heal the planet. And in our culture. In our society.

Catherine Wilde
Yeah. Such a beautiful movement. Thanks so much Anna-Thea.

Thanks for joining me, Mama.

I’m over here smiling from ear to ear and giving you a big virtual hug. I love spending this time with you. You are amazing for showing up and carving out this space to nourish your soul.

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