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12 Empowering Books for Children: To help you Raise Confident & Resilient Kids

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[Choosing empowering books for children can help to raise emotionally healthy kids. Discover books that will help build confidence and empower your kids.]

What if your kids felt empowered and confident in who they are? What if they knew that the opinions of others were just that – opinions? 

When our children hear these positive and empowering messages over and over it helps them to remember that they are special exactly the way they are.

Empowering Books for Children

They learn to practice gratitude and embrace the idea that their happiness comes from within them, and they can feel free to be exactly who they are and allow others to do the same.

Empowering books for children can help to ingrain messages of self worth and help them lean into their intuition so that they can feel confident in who they are.

Empowering Books for Kids - Soul Care Mom

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Growth Mindset Books for Children

Here are some great growth books for kids. That will help them to love themselves for exactly who they are, to build confidence, nurture a growth mindset, and feel compassion for themselves and others:

1. I Like Me

I Like Me by Nancy Carlson is a great book for young children and early readers. Although it is a quick read, this picture book packs a powerful message about loving yourself just the way you are.

2. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein is a story about a girl who was known far and wide for never making mistakes, until one day…she did. Spoiler alert: she ends up realizing it is okay to make mistakes and finding more ease, joy, and fun in life.

This is a great book to help kids to understand that life is not about being perfect and that it is okay to make mistakes and have fun in life.

3. Amazing You

Amazing You by Gail Saltz is book that assists kids in feeling empowered about their bodies. This book gives parents a great way to open up conversation around all the questions that children have around their bodies.

4. Beautiful Girl

This book by Christiane Northrup is geared towards helping understand the changes that a girls body goes through over time. It also emphasizes the importance of self care. This is a great book to help gently guide your daughter through the questions she may have around her changing body.

5. I Like Myself

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont is a wonderful book about loving yourself for exactly who you are. This fun and silly book help your kids to love themselves for exactly who they are.

6. Incredible You!

Incredible You! by Wayne Dyer is a fantastic book that talks about 10 ways to let your greatness shine through. This book goes step by step through practice you can do to find new perspectives, practice self love, and enjoy the journey of life.

7. Tiger-Tiger Is It True?

Tiger-Tiger Is It True? by Byron Katie and Hans Wilhelm is a phenomenal book with four questions to make you smile again.

This empowering book for kids has sparked some amazing conversations in our home. It helps walk you through un-true and self-limiting thoughts so that you and your family can live your best life.

8. What Do You Do With A Problem?

What Do You Do With A Problem? by Kobi Yamada is a book with a powerful message.

This book will help transform the way your kids look at problems. It will help them see the gift and growth that can often be found when you approach a problem with curiosity instead of fear.

9. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This classic book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, may not seem like an empowering book on first glance. But, when we look deeper in we can find life lessons with the journey they take in the book.

As the family goes on an adventure they face challenges that they have to go through (instead of around). This is much like navigating our emotional journey as humans.

This book can empower your children to understand their emotions and approach them with a loving curiosity.

10. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr is a simple and colorful book that walks little one through the idea that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

It empowers even the youngest children to follow their own path and ask for help when they need it.

11. I Think, I AM!

I Think, I AM! by Louise Hay teaches kids the power of affirmations.

This book explains what affirmations are and provides several affirmations and examples that kids can use throughout their days to help remind them that they get to choose the perspective they take in life.

12. I Am

I Am by Wayne Dyer is a lovely book about why two little words mean so much.

Sometimes in the shuffle and chaos of everyday life, we forget to tune into ourselves and remember the truth of who we are. This book helps to remind you to remember the beauty and love within you and to see it in the rest of the world too.

How to Raise Resilient & Empowered  Children

If you are looking for more ways to raise empowered children, check out this parent’s guide to raising emotionally healthy and resilient children through self care.



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