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How To Be More Playful As You Journey Through Motherhood

[Want to learn how to be more playful? Dive into simple strategies, everyday practices, and mindset shifts to embrace spontaneity, inject fun into daily routines, and rekindle your childlike wonder!]

Hi, Love.

Today, I want to explore a captivating metaphor of sorts, one that can create a new and playful perspective on how we interact with our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

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How To Be More Playful

One analogy that I like to share often is thinking of life as a movie. In a movie, there are actors and scenes and scripts and countless elements that come together to create a story.

But you don’t have control over every detail.

The actors will perform as they will, the scenes will unfold as they’re meant to.

And sometimes when we watch a movie, we become so immersed that the emotions on the screen become our own.

A thrilling chase might leave us with sweaty palms. A heated argument might cause our jaws to clench.

This is so reflective of our relationship with our thoughts too, right?

We often find ourselves lost in our thoughts, believing them to be who we are.

But this is a reminder that you are not your thoughts. You are not those sentences in your mind.

You are the awareness of your thoughts, the screen on which they play out.

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How Can Video Games Help You To Be More Playful As A Mom?

And here’s a fun twist to explore for all of the video game lovers. Think of life as a video game, not in the sense that you’re disconnecting yourself from your experience of your life, but allowing yourself to become the awareness of the game.

Much like the awareness of a movie, we are the witness of our thoughts, but we’re not our thoughts, right?

So full disclosure, I don’t play a ton of video games, but when I do play a game or I watch somebody else play a game, I notice something very similar to when I get enthralled with a good book or movie.

Have you ever noticed how when playing or watching a video game, you feel a real sense of panic during those moments of “imminent danger”, even though you know it’s just a simulation?

This idea can resonate with our motherhood journey too.

Sometimes we are so close to our journey that we get tangled up in the thoughts, feeling like we are our thoughts.

We feel like if we don’t nail that jump from one ledge to another in the video game, flawlessly on the first try, or we feel like if we don’t make it to the next level right away, it means we’re deficient in some way or that we’re failing or not good enough.

But I invite you to play with this analogy to zoom out from your thoughts, zoom out from the screen and recognize that you’re not your thoughts.

You’re not your situation.

You are the awareness.

You get to experience this beautiful journey and also get to decide how you want to see it, how you want to move through it.

So start by recognizing that you are the observer of your thoughts and not the thoughts themselves.

When emotions swell, when challenges arise. Remind yourself that this is part of your experience.

But you’re holding the controller in your hands not to control the situation, but to choose to move with intention through your life.

You have the power to guide, adapt, and choose your response.

Transforming Anxiety Into More Ease & Playfulness

In those moments in your day when anxiety creeps in, when things start to feel heavy and you start to notice your hands or your jaw clenching, or that space between your ears and shoulders drastically shrinks.

Can you zoom out?

Creating space to feel your feelings and also recognizing that this moment is simply a moment in time.

Not something for you to control or to fret about. But for you to play in and to decide how you want to show up, what you want to do next.

See each experience, each emotion as a scene in your movie, as a level in your game.

Something to play in, something to experience.

Embrace it. Learn from it.

But don’t be consumed by each level or each scene.

And most importantly, treasure the journey.

Each milestone, whether in motherhood or in life, isn’t merely this checkpoint or this level to get to, right?

But it’s this precious moment for us to savor. It’s this unique brush stroke and the masterpiece that is your life.

You have the power to direct your movie, to play your game with joy, with wisdom, with love.

I’m here to support you to celebrate you, to celebrate you. And I’m so honored that we get to go on this journey together.

I hope this idea inspires you to find new and playful perspectives on motherhood and life.

Our children are so good at being playful, at leaning into the moments of joy and wonder on the journey. And when we are able to show up in that playful way too, it changes our relationship with them.

It changes our experience of motherhood.

It changes the dynamic of our family. If we’re able to be present to realize that our thoughts aren’t who we are and allow ourselves to live from this place of deep connectedness to the truth of who we are, it shifts everything.

If you want to continue this conversation and explore more perspective shifts and aha’s on this incredible journey of motherhood, be sure to join us in the Soul Care Mom Village, a beautiful free, private community for moms by going to

Remember, you are the beautiful awareness of your thoughts.

Allow yourself to zoom out when things feel hard and give yourself lots of grace, love, and space to play.

I hope you are ready to be ready and ready to play and know that you are worthy, you are more than enough, and you are so loved.

Thanks, for joining me, Mama. I’m over here smiling from ear to ear and giving you a big virtual hug. I love spending this time with you. You are amazing for showing up and carving out this space to nourish your soul.

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