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Learning to Go With the Flow

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[Mom life comes with lots of challenges. Learning to go with the flow will help you to find more ease and enjoy mom life.]

Do you feel like mom life is always throwing you curveballs?

Are you a planner like me?

Do you love to know what you are headed into?

Do you hate that feeling of being out of control?

I used to feel completely derailed by the unexpected challenges that life threw my way. It was only when I allowed myself to relax into the present moment that things began to flow more smoothly.

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How to Go With the Flow

Motherhood has been an incredible blessing in so many ways, and it’s definitely helped me to relax into the journey more. And planning isn’t a bad thing. But when we feel disappointed and our expectations are constantly being let down because our plan doesn’t go as we expected. That can just lead to a lot of pain that isn’t maybe necessary.

Learning to go with the flow can help us to navigate the challenges with more ease and have more fun on the motherhood journey.

[Disclaimer: we are not health professionals. This chat is solely based on research and personal experience. If you have any concerns please seek out the help of your trusted health professionals.]

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Learning to Go With The Flow Exercise

So let’s do a little exercise together.

Think about a time that you went on a road trip, or on vacation, or you were just exploring your own town. And you found this really great hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise. So you cross past with a new friend.

These unplanned things are what happen when we are able to release control a little bit and be present in the moment. So get excited and curious about what the present moment holds. And so I hope that you will try that. And I hope that you will lean into your senses to bring you into the present moment.

Focus on your breath and do things to help you to drop out of your head and into your heart space.

Know that detours are a good thing and you are held in love.

I’m sending you so much love, Mama.

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Sending you so much love, Mama!

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