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How To Master Your Mindset And Achieve Your Goals

[Unlock the secret to personal and professional success through mastering your mindset. Discover practical tips and inspiring stories to help you cultivate a positive, growth-oriented mindset, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Perfect for anyone looking to thrive in all aspects of life!]

It feels hard…

Maybe not at first…the initial excitement of dreaming up the life you desire feels fun and easy.

The hope and palpable energy that’s like a current of electricity waking up your entire being as you imagine what life could be…

But then it gets harder, right?!

Change can feel hard.

Mostly because it’s new. It requires us to show up differently, to step out of the familiar and into new territory.

Maybe your palms are sweating just thinking about it…

But in that place just outside your comfort zone is where the growth happens.

When you begin to master your mindset you can step into the life of your dreams.

Want to slay your goals, but feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

In this episode of the Soul Care Mom Podcast, I chat with Jill Wright, a mompreneur turned a life coach, all about mindset and how to set goals for yourself as a mom so you can create the life you crave.

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Catherine Wilde

Hi, Jill. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Jill Wright

It’s my pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for having me, Catherine.

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, I’m really excited to chat with you all about goals to set for yourself, mastering mindset, and I can’t wait to hear all of your tips and wisdom. When you first reach out to me, I was drawn to your name, Girl Like a Mother, because motherhood really just invites you to grow in so many ways, and often a lot of unexpected ways, too.

So I’m excited to dive into all of the things. And since we’re exploring how to set goals for moms so that we can set ourselves up for success, can you tell us a bit about your goal setting what your mindset work looks like around that for you? How did you come to do this work with moms?

Why Entrepreneurial Mindset Matters

Jill Wright

Oh, my gosh, yes. Thank you for that. For me, it came out of the darkest place almost, as change usually does, right? I started this journey of personal development and growth right in the middle of the pandemic. As I was in the throes of postpartum depression with my second child, I had just started a retail business. I had decided to go into entrepreneurship for myself for the first time. A

nd there was a lot of challenges and obstacles that came all at the same time. My son was diagnosed with autism and the list goes on and on. And so I really felt lost and in a place of just chaos and misalignment. And I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know where to go next, but I knew where I was, I was uncomfortable. And so I started to dive into the work of personal development, and I found this whole world.

And I found I had a knack for taking the strategies that these gurus and big name personal development coaches, they had and then I made them adaptable for the working mom. So that’s where the business came from, and it morphed into…

Jill Wright

I do a lot of work on goal setting. So TGIM is my acronym. I do time ownership, mindset, intuitive work, and goal achievement. I didn’t do those in order, but TGIM.

Catherine Wilde

Oh, I love that. And yeah, I think there’s so many people that can relate to. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your journey there, postpartum depression and… I mean, in the middle of a pandemic, right? As parents, there was so much uncertainty, and that felt really hard in itself, navigating all of that and running your own business, all of the things.

Yeah, that’s a lot. I love that you explored ways to do your own and our work, and you found things that worked for you, and then taking the things that you learned and really applying them to your life, because it’s really fun sometimes to dive in and learn all these new things, but when the change happens is when we really apply it, right? We find ways to help integrate it into our lives. I love that you have to do that. Yeah.

Jill Wright

 It’s like a whole embodiment thing, right? You need to actually live it to get their results. And that’s when the magic happens.

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Goals To Set For Yourself

Catherine Wilde

Yes, I agree. So can you tell us a little bit about why is it important for us to even set goals for ourselves. We’ve got all this stuff going on, why should we. Set goals?

Jill Wright

Why should we bother? I know. Why add one more thing to our to-do list? It seems so counterintuitive, when we’re so busy and our lists are never ending. They’re endless list of things we have to do. But I often find that when I talk to moms, the biggest challenge is that they feel busy, but they’re not making progress towards anything. They’re just busy being busy. And there’s not a lot of time for their dreams, their hobbies, anything for them to fill their own cup up.

And so that’s when they start to feel really weighed down in their role of motherhood. They start to feel really lost within themselves. They forget what makes them happy.

Having a goal that’s personal just for mom, it’s not a family goal, it’s not a kid goal, having something that you can not cling to but focus on, that is just for you, feel selfish, but it can feel selfish. That’s where the mindset work comes in. But it is such a gift that you can give yourself because we often, and I speak broadly and generally here, but many of the moms in my community put ourselves last on our to-do list and on our priority list, and we don’t do anything for ourselves.

Jill Wright

So having a small goal, it doesn’t have to be like a big goal. If someone is listening and they’re like, Oh, I don’t even know what goal I would have. Gosh. It can be a goal to get outside more or if you love reading, buy a new book and finish it. It doesn’t have to be a big, life-changing goal, but the intention behind taking time for yourself is really what’s important.

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Catherine Wilde

Oh, yes, that resonates. You were saying we put ourselves last, and our kids are such a big part of our journey as moms. We can feel like it’s selfish. If we’re struggling with that inner work and that mom guilt, what can we do to move past that as we start to try to bring more of ourselves into our lives?

The Roal Of Self Discovery In Achieving Your Goals

Jill Wright

Yeah. I think the first thing that I always tell people is stop comparing yourself to anybody else because the minute that you compare even to what you think you should be or where you wish you were in whatever area of your life, but especially if you’re comparing to other people around you, that’s when guilt and shame can come in.

You open the door and invite it in. And so if we can close that door, just keep it at base so that we can focus on our own journey, that’s really the starting point. And then from there, it’s focusing on your intuition, listening to what feels right for you. Because if you’re acting in alignment with what feels right for you, rather than listening to other people’s opinions, guidelines, strategies, really tuning in, then you know you’re acting from a place of love and truth and alignment.

And there’s no need to feel guilty if you’re coming from that place. So getting centered in your own self is so important because it lays the foundation for you to be able to live a guilt-free, I mean, as best as possible, we’re always going to feel we’re humans, like we all feel guilt, right?

Jill Wright

But really recognizing your values, what’s important to you. There’s so much information available online specifically in parenting. I know I got sucked into that when my babes were small.

It’s like you could spend all day reading books and reading articles and going online and seeing on Instagram the different ways that you can do everything, be it feeding, potty training, breastfeeding. There’s 300 ideas on every topic, and none of them are right and none of them are wrong. But if you can tune in and just feel what’s right for you, you don’t need to feel guilty about not doing it someone else’s way because you’re doing it your way.

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, I love that. It’s so true. I think we can find so much inspiration from those things. And so what we want to try, what might work for us, but yeah, letting it overwhelm us and make us feel like we’re doing it wrong, that definitely doesn’t help.

Jill Wright

It doesn’t serve us at all.

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Weekly & Monthly Goals Planning

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, I love that. Some people think of goals at the beginning of the year. Maybe you set a New Year’s resolution or you have your intention, your word of the year. What do you recommend?

So things change over the year, things happen, life shifts, you might find a new interest. What do you recommend around bringing awareness to that and bringing attention to our goals throughout the year? Do you encourage monthly goal setting? What do you recommend?

Jill Wright

I do a couple of things. So the first thing that comes to mind is how I do my weekly planning and my calendar, my scheduling. So it might feel like it’s not super connected, but I like to look at my calendar a month at a time and then break it down by each week. And the reason that I start with that month is I can give each month an overarching theme or intention.

And then within the four weeks of that month, I can make sure that I’m putting things on my calendar that align with that intention. So if my intention is to rest more, then I want to make sure that I’m creating big blocks of white space in that calendar, or that I’m scheduling in a massage for myself, or if my intention is to re-foster some friendships because as moms, it’s difficult to maintain those grown up friendships, so many play dates with the kids.

And I want to see in my calendar that month, a coffee date with my co-worker that I don’t see anymore, or my cousin who I’m meaning to get together with. So that monthly intention helps me plan my schedule to stay on track with the goal.

Jill Wright

Also, two other things. One thing is giving yourself permission to know that your priorities can change and they should change as your life changes. Things get thrown at you. Everything changes always, so don’t feel like you need to cling onto a goal that you made three, four months ago.

If it’s no longer relevant, you have full permission to change it, right? And the final piece that I’ll say on this, and this is just personally what I do is I like to follow moon cycles as a reminder, right? So we’re coming up to a full moon when we’re recording, maybe not when this podcast airs, but on a full moon, I take that opportunity to really think about what can I release from the past month?

What’s not serving me if it’s a habit, a thought process, a person, physical stuff? What can I release? And then full moons happen every 30 days. So every 30 days, I’m just clearing energies and clearing stuff. And then on the opposite, approximately two weeks, we get a new moon. And in the new moon, I like to think of, what can I bring into my life? What intention can I set?

Jill Wright

And that really brings me back to my monthly goal. It’s almost like a check in halfway through the month. Is this still relevant? Am I on track? I like to use the moon cycles personally as just like a little reminder.

Catherine Wilde

I love that. Yeah, those natural rhythms and cycles, we have them as women too, right? That helps us to connect with nature as well, really slow down and step out of our minds a little more and connect in word. I love that so much.

How To Use Your Time Wisely

Catherine Wilde

Okay, so in this journey of motherhood, we’re talking so much about connecting with in, and I love it. And for the mom that’s listening, and she doesn’t feel very connected to herself, and she’s looking for that clarity around what her goals might be or what she wants to infuse more of into her life, how can she find more clarity? What would you recommend for her?

Jill Wright

First is to find some space where you can be quiet, where you can quiet your mind. For me, often that’s just the shower. You don’t need to take extra time somehow and find extra time in your day because we don’t have that. That’s not realistic.

But if it’s your drive to work, turn off the radio, turn off the audiobook or the podcast and just sit in silence as you’re commuting. You’re already moving or in the shower, right? And use that time just to either let your mind free. Depends. Everyone’s a little bit different on how it works best for them.

But you can either just clear your mind and thoughts will come to you, or you can go in with the intention to think on almost like a meditation like, hey, what’s going to be important for me? What can I set my sights on? Where can I focus my energy in the next week, month, year, whatever the timeline is?

And the other really important piece that I like to tell people for goal setting is one thing at a time. You need to only have one thing at a time. One way that when I do goal setting workshops, I give people a circle divided into eight slices.

Jill Wright

So it looks like a pizza. And I give them eight areas of their life. So whether it be like career, health, parenting, romantic relationships, friendships, there’s eight different areas, financials, whatever it may be, whatever is important to them. And I get them to shade in visually that piece of the pie, how confidently or how strongly they feel that they’re where they want to be in that area.

And we look at that after and they narrow down one of the lesser colored in segments and they try to find a goal within that. And so if you’re still unable to really narrow anything down from taking time to get quiet and meditating on what you might want, that’s a good way to do it too, because it gives you a bit of a guideline like, okay, I’ve self-identified that my health is really not where I want it to be. Let’s look at health-related goals, but only do one at a time.

Catherine Wilde

I love that. Yeah, that brings so much clarity when we can break it down like that. When it’s just like, yeah, just trying to figure out what I should do next, it feels overwhelming. But when you can look at the different areas and see where you want to improve, and then one at a time, that’s that. Yeah, so helpful. Thank you.

Jill Wright


Catherine Wilde

Yeah. I’m loving all of this, and I’m feeling really inspired. Okay, so can we take a minute to talk about how to master your mindset? Because goal setting for ourselves is amazing. But if we’re stewing in those limiting beliefs, those unhelpful ways of thinking and being, it can really keep us from taking those next steps, from stepping out of the comfort zone a little bit, from taking that time for ourselves. What tips do you have for us around mindset?

Jill Wright

Oh, God, where to start? Mindset is such an interesting thing, right? Because it’s so personal. But so many people like myself benefit from having a guide help them. I really love guided meditations or guided hypnosis tapes or affirmation tracks, things like that. I personally find affirmations to be really helpful in my day to day with my mindset because we have to remember that 95 % of our brain is subconscious, and we’re not thinking.

So much is happening in our head that we’re not actively thinking of. And that’s what’s running the show is that 95 %. So how do we sneak into there and change it there? Because if you’re constantly just trying to focus on the here and now and changing your thoughts while you’re aware of them, that’s only five % of the battle, right? You need to focus your energy where it’s going to make the greatest impact.

So things like tapping are really good, things like affirmations, things like meditation and hypnosis and journaling. Journaling is such a good one because you can sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen and just brain dump. Just write whatever comes to mind.

Jill Wright

You could start with, Today, I’m feeling, or I need to hear, and then just let your subconscious tell you, right? Yeah. Repeating affirmations can be a weird thing to start because you’re going to say things that don’t feel true at the beginning, right? It’s almost like you have to fake it till you make it.

But the more that you say them, your subconscious is going to obey you, right? It’s going to do what you’re telling it is true. And it doesn’t know the difference between past, present, future, lies, truth, whatever it hears you repeating in your mind is going to become its reality.

And so if you can repeat these things, even if they don’t feel super true for you in the beginning, they will eventually become part of who you are, and then it will feel true through repetition. And then when you can get that feeling of like, oh, yes, this is the truth, that’s when it accelerates. So it’s a bit of a slow slog in the beginning, but then it’s that feeling and emotion attached to a thought that’s going to really transform. I would say that’s probably the easiest place to start.

Jill Wright

Mindset work is great because it’s always free. It’s always accessible. If you’ve got a library card or an internet connection, you could go and find resources and tools that you don’t have to pay for.

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, and it’s so powerful. I think just knowing that you can change your thoughts and that you’re living out your story that you’re telling yourself. Why not make it a different story when you can be intentional about that? Like you said, just surrounding yourself, affirmations and meditations, that helps me so much. I have messages all around my house that are reminding me to tune in, to remember my worth to all the things. I love that so much.

And I also would love to just know, what do you do for your self-care? What are your personal favorite self-care practices?

Self Care Practices To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Jill Wright

That’s fun. I like to do what’s called the workshop on my way to work. So every day as I’m driving in, after I’ve dropped my kids off, I turn off the radio and I go into what’s called my workshop. I literally speak out loud, because for me, that is a way, rather than just letting in my head, if I can speak it out loud, I can connect better. And the idea is based on Abraham Hicks and Esther Hicks, and Jerry Hicks.

And it’s a manifestation type of practice, but I tweak it a bit and do almost like a gratitude practice at the same time. And so I’m speaking out loud and I start by acknowledging that by focusing on what I want, I’m bringing more of that energy into my life. And I try to get into this energy of feeling really grateful.

And then also after I’ve gotten into this high vibe, then I focus and I speak out loud. The thing that I’m working towards that one goal that I’m working on, and I talk about how it’s going to feel, what it’s going to look like, and all of those things, right?

Jill Wright

So my workshop is something I do every day, which is wonderful. I also do affirmations every day, and they change sometimes, but I’ve got a few that I cycle through that are really helpful for me. And then in terms of self-care in general, to take care of my body as well, I’m a religious napper.

I nap every Saturday because I have my kids Saturdays, and they’re still small, they’re three and five, and they don’t nap anymore, but they know mom needs a nap because I need that break in the day. I’ve realized through a lot of personal reflection and work that I am the type of person who really needs to recharge alone.

And if I don’t get time with nobody around me and nobody speaking to me, and I can just be by myself, then I really can’t show up as my best self. I have no guilt taking this nap time. My kids know, and I show up fresh after nap time. So nap time is something that’s really important in my house and early to bed for mom time.

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, putting those boundaries around our sleep is so important. We say, Oh, I’ll just do one more thing, or, Oh, I’ll say yes to this, and we’re taking away from that time for us to recharge. And like you said, when we do that, we’re actually able to give more of ourselves for the things we do say yes to. So I love that you do that.

Jill Wright


Catherine Wilde

Yeah, for me, it’s a bath, like taking a bath by myself. But I also love to recharge. That time for myself is so important. It’s such an important part of my self-care.

So glad you shared that.


Thank you.

And so you have been on this incredible journey, all of this leaning into your intuition, finding your calling here to help moms, all of the things that you have been through. If you could go back in time to share anything with your younger self, what would you tell her?

Jill Wright

Oh, my gosh. It’s funny that you bring that up because I was thinking about this the other day. It would really be just to trust your gut. There are so many situations that I could think back where my body was telling me something, that feeling like you just know something, but you don’t listen to it. Nothing dramatic, but there are situations that I’m sure that we can all recall, and we have them all the time.

They’re ongoing. They’re not just past, they’re present, and their future where we feel something and know something and still don’t trust ourselves.

Humans are the only animal that will sense danger or unrest or unease and still walk towards it. Every other animal will run and protect themselves. I’m not going to do this thing. I’m not staying in this situation that makes me feel unsafe. Or humans do. We’re just like, Oh, we’ll talk ourselves out of it. Our ego will come in. It’s really trusting your gut, listening to yourself and knowing that you have the answer of what’s going to be right for you.

Catherine Wilde

Yeah, that is such a powerful message and reminder. Yeah, thank you. Thank you for all of this. Thank you for sharing your journey and your wisdom. Can you let us know where we can learn more about you and connect with you online?

Jill Wright

Yeah, it’s been my pleasure. I love talking about all these things. If you also love hearing about them, I’m online AGrowLikeaMother on Instagram and Facebook and TikTok. My website is because I’m up here in Canada. On there, you can find a whole bunch of free resources and different things that can help you get started if you’re interested in goal setting or finding more time for yourself or just figuring out how to find yourself again

Catherine Wilde

I love that. Thank you. We will share this in the show notes so everyone can find you. Thank you again for being here. I loved this conversation.

Jill Wright

Thank you so much for having me. It was a real gift.

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