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Why Hire A Life Coach?

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[Do feel a need for more support but feel unsure about investing in yourself? Discover why you might need a coach and how to know if hiring a coach is the next best step for you!]

Do you feel a need for more support in motherhood and in life, but you’re unsure about investing in yourself? You don’t know where to start when it comes to hiring a coach or if it’s even the right decision or next step for you.

In this episode, we dive into the benefits of hiring a coach and how to know if hiring a coach is the next best step for you.

Hi there, soulful mama. Welcome the Soul Care Mom. I’m Catherine Wilde of I’m a mom of three amazing kids, a soul care mom, coach, and yoga and meditation teacher.

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Let’s get started.

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So one of the indicators that you are ready for more help is that you are tired of the way that things are going right now, right?

Who Needs A Life Coach?

And you have at least some idea of what you want life to look and feel like, but you need help to get from point A to point B. So having a coach is a wonderful way to support and guide you no matter where you are in life or what your goals are.

But having that vision around the life that you want to create and then feeling motivated, feeling ready to take action because it takes aligned action to create change. So having that vision and then taking that aligned action is something a coach can help to beautifully guide you through, to make your dream a reality.

Spiritual Life Coach + Personal Growth

Another amazing benefit to hiring a coach is that we often need some help to see things from new perspectives, and to look at things from new angles so that we can create mindset shifts. So that we can see what our next right steps could be. And we can open up to new possibilities.

So having a coach can help to reflect back to you your vision and help you to see your life and your journey in a new light so that you can feel refreshed, and feel that sense of motivation and excitement for your next steps.

Often, as women and mothers, we are led to believe that investing in ourselves, whether it’s time to do the things that bring us joy, whether it’s buying physical things for ourselves or investing in our mind, body and soul through the support of a coach is selfish.

Whether it is a time investment of creating space in our lives to do the things that bring us joy to move towards our goals or it’s spending money on ourselves in any way including hiring a coach so that we can have the loving support that we need to create the life of our dreams to nourish ourselves mind, body, and soul with this support. And have the support we need to come home to ourselves.

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Mindset Coaching

It’s time to shift that belief and create a new mindset so that you can live your best life. Investing in yourself today not only helps you today by starting to create these beautiful mindset shifts and connecting with yourself, it is also helping you to pave a path for the future.

So investing in yourself now helps you for years to come, right? This will keep paying off for you. So let’s talk about how to choose the best coach for you. Everyone is in a different place on their journey.

We all have different needs, different passions, different ways of communicating, and different personalities. So look for someone that you feel comfortable with so that as you go on this journey you are able to.

Feel this sense of connection and safety.

So you can go deeper and create transformation on your journey.

Remember that showing up with an open mind and an open heart will help you to get the most out of this journey. So keep that in mind as you choose your coach and know that it’s so important for you to show up fully for yourself during this process so that you can get the most benefit out of it.

Another important aspect to look for as you choose a coach is looking for someone that is going to help you connect with your inner wisdom.

A misconception that we have about getting support in the form of coaching is that we’re going to someone to be fixed and this is so far from the truth. You are not broken. So when you reach out for support, it doesn’t mean that you’re broken or even weak.

You are simply getting the support to reconnect with the wisdom that is and has always been within you. A coach is ultimately there to help you come back to yourself so that you can live your best life from this really aligned and beautiful place.

So when you are seeking out a coach, look for someone who helps you to be true to you, who helps you to reconnect to yourself, who helps you to come home to yourself so that you can cultivate that connection with your inner knowing and live life moving forward from that place of alignment and connection with yourself.

How To Hire A Life Coach

If you are ready for more support, reach out to a coach and see if they’re a good fit for you. See what they offer and see how it lines up with the life that you want to create. Another thing to pay attention to is that if you’re feeling resistance, notice if it’s fear coming up for you and this wanting to keep ourselves from having to get into the mess of our feelings and emotions and do the work.

So getting a coach can often mean stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit so that you can dive deep into what’s going on for you. So notice that that’s coming up for you and don’t let that stop you from living your best life. When we step out of our comfort zone, it can feel a little uncomfortable, but that’s where the growth happens.

Don’t let that fear of a little bit of discomfort keep you from moving forward and getting the support that you need. If you are ready for more support, reach out to a coach and see if they’re a good fit for you.

If you would like to chat further about coaching and support, reach out to me and we can see Soul Care Mom offerings would be a good fit for you.

I always want the best for you, so if you reach out and you’re not a good fit for my programs or offerings, I’ll let you know and help to point you in the right direction. So if you’re feeling a connection to the Soul Care Mom approach to reach out today to start getting the support you need to be the mom you’ve always dreamed of being and live your best life.

For my one on one coaching, spaces are limited, so don’t wait another minute. Be sure to reach out and connect with me so we can figure out what the next best step for you is.

If you’re ready for one on on support you can apply for coaching.

Another beautiful option to consider is that when you join Vibrant Mom Life, not only do you get libraries of resources to help you come home to yourself every day and access to a community of women that are on this journey with you, you also get exclusive offers for one on one coaching with me.

If that sounds like a really great fit for you, join Vibrant Mom Life today and then we can chat about further one on one support for you.

Reach out and let me know what’s your biggest hesitation when it comes to investing in yourself mama. If you loved this episode and these tips, be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when new episodes are released. I am sending you so much love Mama.

Thanks for joining me, Mama.

I’m over here smiling from ear to ear and giving you a big virtual hug. I love spending this time with you. You are amazing for showing up and carving out this space to nourish your soul. If you are loving the Soul Care Mom podcast, be sure to subscribe and leave a review.

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